joségarcía ,mx

is pleased to announce José León Cerrillo's solo exhibition at joségarcía ,mx — mérida


Sunday, December 17th
11:30 a.m.



  joségarcía ,mx
is pleased to announce its participation in Art | Basel | Miami Beach

December 07-10 2017 at

Miami Beach Convention Center
1901 Convention Center Drive
Miami Beach, FL 33139

B 21 Galleries Sector



joségarcía ,mx

joségarcía ,mx is pleased to announce its participation in Gallery Weekend Mexico City, 2017
with a project by Rometti Costales.

Perhaps esperanza waiting or sunset — Rometti Costales

Friday, November 10th
19:00 Hrs. - 22 Hrs.

Saturday, November 11th
11:00 Hrs. - 20:00 Hrs.

Sunday, November 12th
11:00 Hrs. - 18:00 Hrs.

With a special sale of poinsettia flowers

to support the economical reactivation of San Gregorio Atlapulco and San Luis Tlaxialtemalco,

damaged by the earthquake of September 19th 2017.

Flower sale at joségarcía ,mx

NUEVO ESPACIO / NEW SPACE — Rometti Costales

After the recent event that changed the history of our city we have decided to resume our activities with a new beginning; we are proud to announce the opening of our new exhibition space in Mexico City which we will inaugurate with a project by Rometti Costales.

Perhaps esperanza waiting or sunset — Rometti Costales

Perhaps esperanza waiting or sunset, is the title of the exhibition that borrows its form from a series of loose phrases, without apparent meaning. These phrases have been extracted from 
Blue has run *, an intervened facsimile from "A Catalog of Textiles and Folkart of Chiapas". They are fragments from the original text, decontextualized and liberated from their primary function, that which describes forms and objects as part of an inventory of a collection of textiles: the qualities of the colors, the state of common use or festive objects, motifs that have faded away from the fabric, eyes that come out through the mouth of a mask and walking sticks that are treated like human beings.

The phrases, subtracted from their original context, open up the space to new images, resulting in other relations between matter, be it palpable or not.

Lost wax, hunting implements and cigars, concrete, informal situations, bronze, or woven palm, could all be materials that compose the objects described in the original catalog. Only that this time around, they ally amongst themselves following the logic of the free phrases, which in turn are an essential part of the resulting forms.


Opening October 14, 2017 12.30 p.m.