joségarcía ,mx is pleased to announce the opening of the exhibition: Dream of a Broken Memory — Eduardo Sarabia | february 10, 19:00 hrs.
we are pleased to announce the opening of a second exhibition space, merida paintings by Simon Fujiwara, jan 29 at sunset, C.77 #568O Mérida
Conversación con Mario Garcia Torres
People are running out to the street: José García Torres interviewed by Simon Fujiwara | Art Agenda
Tania Pérez Córdova and Francesco Pedraglio at Parallel /// Oaxaca | November 20, 19:00 Hrs.
José Léon Cerrillo, Oh My Cannibal at @LIGADF | 11.12.2015 - 19.30 hrs.
Marie Lund in Vanilla and Concrete @Tate Britain | 9 November 2015 – 19 June 2016
By Boat (farewell) in @MousseMagazine
Mario García Torres - The Space We’ve Got at Taka Ishii Gallery, Tokyo | Oct 31 – Nov 28, 2015